Aug 08

It’s Here, Youtopia.

Using new technology to track & reward volunteers and students.

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with a local tech start-up, Youtopia.com. This web and mobile application is where volunteers, students, and employees earn rewards for volunteering, academic achievements, and community service. APS will use the application to track and report service hours and donations, as well as the impact of each partner school’s activities. In addition, we will reward high-achievers with badges and other benefits for volunteering and attending events! As a launch partner, APS will be in an enviable position to provide feedback which will help to customize this platform specifically for our needs, and hopefully that will benefit other schools and non-profits around the world. It’s currently in BETA, so let us know if you’d like a preview, we can put a good word in for ya 😉

Check out Youtopia.com for more!


Jacqueline Edelberg

Jacqueline Edelberg

We are honored to welcome Jacqueline to the #100for100 advisory board. Jacqueline is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Youtopia.com, in addition to being a nationally recognized fine artist and author of the book “How to Walk to School”. The book serves as a blueprint for revitalizing YOUR neighborhood school by documenting the successes of Nettelhorst School in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. She co-wrote the book with Nettelhorst’s Principal at the time, Susan Kurland, the forward written by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and afterword by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Jacqueline said that her first grade teacher, Ms. Davis, inspired her. “She was the first teacher who taught me to believe in myself.” Then later in life a working experience influenced her toward the career she has today. “When I worked as a congressional page [it] changed my worldview forever,” she said. Jacqueline is a graduate of the University of Chicago, where she received her B.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science. You may not guess it, but this doctor knows more than just political science, Jacqueline’s also a specialist in the kitchen. “I make killer crepes,” she says.


Jessica Dixon

Jessica Dixon

We are so happy to welcome another former Chicago Public School student to the #100for100 advisory board. Jessica is a sales consultant at Wirtz Beverage (and helped set up Friday’s happy hour, you rock!).

For Jessica, two middle school teachers acted as influencers who inspired her toward a successful career and helped her achieve her full potential. “My eighth-grade teacher encouraged me to apply to an advanced high school outside my neighborhood,” Jessica said. “Then, she took it one step further by tutoring me in her free time; all the while also coaching my cheerleading team and chaperoning all eighth-grade events.” Jessica said she also distinctly remembers how her seventh-grade, English teacher encouraged her to submit a short story to the local paper for publication.

When asked to describe something unique about herself, Jessica talked about a memorable trip to Australia. “I overcame my fear of heights by climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge… during a trip through People to People Student Ambassadors program,” she said.


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