Jun 05

Summer is here!

Our summer intern and more of our #100for100.


Brigit at a fútbol game during a trip to Portugual

We are excited to welcome Brigit as our new intern for the summer! Brigit is going into her junior year at Georgetown University, pursing a Bachelors in Science in the Foreign Service with a major in Culture and Politics and a certificate in International Development.

Brigit explained that the atmosphere of her fourth grade classroom inspired her continued love of learning. “In fourth grade,” she wrote, “I loved to learn. I still do, but then my love of learning was pure and untainted by the oppressive teachers I would later encounter. Instead, fourth grade was a time of genuine and excited exploration. I was so impassioned by learning, that I invented my own projects to do for class.”

“What is most striking,” Brigit continued, “is how my teachers never denied a project or scoffed at my overachiever-ness. Rather, they saved my books for years to display in their class. They allowed me to present my projects and involve the rest of my class in these made-up extra credit exercises. I loved to learn then, and it was the atmosphere created in that fourth grade classroom that allowed that love to flourish.”

Brigit explained how her time with the Model United Nations (MUN) team at her Chicago high school, Saint Ignatius College Prep, had the most influence on her current career path. “I had always enjoyed debate, social sciences, and other cultures, so this club seemed like a perfect amalgamation of them all. With the MUN team, I traveled all over the country and the world—debating hypothetical and actual global crises, generating innovative and collaborative solutions, and meeting my peers from all corners of the planet. It was in these intense weekend simulations that I realized my love of travel, people, culture, and compromise. MUN introduced me to Georgetown University and the field of political science. Most importantly, MUN instilled in me a desire to pursue social change as a career path.”

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Mark Biery

Mark Biery

We are happy to welcome Mark to the #100for100 advisory board. Mark is a Founder-Partner with LTS Chicago, a charity driven adult sport and social organization that provides philanthropic sports leagues, tournaments, and social events for young professionals in Chicago. When asked to describe a memorable moment in his education he talked about a fifth-grade speech contest where he won second place. This rewarding experience allowed him to see what he was capable of and is one of many influential memories that motivate him to serve on the board. In middle school he experienced another such influential moment during an English class. “Mrs. Tajima… shaped my life to love to learn and grow as a person,” he said. Mark graduated with his B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California, Irvine. He then graduated from DePaul University with his M.S. in Public Service Management.


Melissa Grady

Melissa Grady

Stories can be powerful and for Melissa, a story she heard from her advertising teacher at DePaul still stands out in her mind and is one of the most memorable experiences in her education. “When my advertising teacher at DePaul taught us the difference between features and benefits – and what it really means to connect with people – she told us a story about chunky soup and the noise vacuum cleaners make,” she said. “I will never forget that story!” Experiences like this are one of many reasons we are excited to have Melissa on the #100for100 advisory board. Melissa is a private consultant, formerly the Global Director of CRM, Analytics, and E-commerce Marketing for Motorola. She received her B.S. in Commerce from DePaul University and her M.S. in Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University. It was at DePaul that her advertising teacher played an instrumental role in helping her get into graduate school. She said her teacher still inspires her today.


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