Jul 11

Two schools. One future. MSU’s Chicago Spartans & Ravenswood Elementary form partnership

Two Schools, One Future.

The Michigan State Alumni Club of Metro Chicago, the Chicago Spartans, have ‘adopted’ Ravenswood Elementary as their APS partner school. President Vic Maurer, a member of the #100for100, shares some insight into the decision, “My own experience has shaped in me the belief that we are at our happiest when our curiosity is limited by nothing but our own imaginations. Kids are built to understand that, and it’s our job as mentors, teachers, parents and adults to make sure they don’t forget it until the day they are ready to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists and things that we can’t even yet imagine. There is a lot of bad news surrounding the state of education today, but we’d be foolish to lose sight of the fact that organizations like APS, led by men and women of vision and a thirst for a better tomorrow, can transform the lives of the students and communities we impact.”

Well said Vic, and congrats to all the MSU alumni in Chicago who will now be able to make a local impact. Which school or alumni club will be next?


The kids of Ravenswood Elementary (photo: www.FriendsofRavenswood.com)


Vic Mauer

Vic Mauer

As President of Michigan State’s Alumni Club of Metro Chicago, Vic has taken the initiative in creating what we are sure will be a sucessful and sustainable partnership with Ravenswood Elementary School. His great understanding of the importance of APS and how a group of passionate alumni can truly create change education is just the beginning of why he will be a valuable asset to the advisory board. He attributes his drive for success to his junior year English teacher, Tim Akers, “Lick but once from the lollipop of mediocrity Mr. Maurer, and you will suck forever.”

Vic recalls, “It took me a minute, but I picked up what he was putting down and that was a game changer for me.” We cannot wait to see him bring these great life lessons to kids in MSU’s new partnership.

As the Diversity Consultant and Marketing Specialist for the Association of Legal Administrators, Vic has one of the most interesting business cards we have ever seen. We suggest you exchange cards, and see for yourself – it includes information in braille!

Want more? www.ChicagoSpartans.com


Raj Sai

Raj Sai

We are excited to welcome Raj, the Vice president for JP Morgan Chase, to the #100for100 advisory board. When asked to describe one of the most inspiring moments in his education, he pointed out a study-abroad trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland. It was “easily one of my favorite times in my life,” he said.

Raj is a Michigan State alumnus and it was there that four semesters of organic and inorganic chemistry altered the trajectory of his life and convinced him to switch from Pre-Med to Finance/Accounting. Now Raj is an accomplished financial services professional who has worked in numerous facets of the finance industry, from purchase accounting to business development. “My current position involves managing various projects including internal strategic legal entity mergers, portfolio migrations, and other internal projects.”

Simply by hearing Raj you might not guess that he is a musician. But if you’re out and about you might catch him in the act. “I play guitar, write songs and sing at bars in Chicago,” says Raj. “My speaking voice is considerably different than my singing voice.”

For more on Raj, check out: www.linkedin.com/in/rajsai01


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