Jun 26

Last Two Spots for the #100for100

We have built an amazing advisory board to relaunch Alumni for Public Schools (APS) and we have 2 spots on the board remaining! Join the team that will lead APS in doubling the number of school partnerships in 2013! Below, we are profiling another pair of our advisory board members. This virtual board provides strategic feedback and resources, connects APS with new partner schools and alumni clubs, and most importantly they serve as role models and mentors to make our programs truly have an impact. Join us?

June Happy Hour

The #100for100 at June’s Happy Hour. Photo credit: Francis Son


Denise Hibbard

Denise Hibbard

We are excited to have Denise, the Operations Manager for Solo Energy Solutions, join the #100for100 advisory board.

One of her most memorable moments from her education was her high school graduation. “ I decided one semester into my Junior year that I wanted to graduate as a Junior. The semester following that was one of the toughest between picking up outside classes and rushing to get in applications. Being able to complete that in time for graduation, one year earlier than my expected graduation year, was one of the most fulfilling and inspiring moments for me.”

Denise attributes her experience in higher education to her current career, “Having originally gone to the University of Illinois for Aviation, I never expected to find my passion in marketing and sales. It was my internship with Illini Media as the Brand Manager of Marketing, in charge of team of over 30 interns, that really solidified my career path.”

Denise is as determined as she is diverse in her interests, she has been flying airplanes since she was 13 and has attained both her pilot’s license and instrument rating.

Want more? www.DeniseHibbard.com


Fred Cadena

Fred Cadena

Fred comes to the APS advisory board as the current President of the Young Professionals of Chicago. Fred’s value in education has been represented by the strong partnership between YPC and APS.

Growing up in Texas, Fred found that the library was an invaluable resource for him, and helped him discover his lifelong interests. “I was in the 1st or 2nd grade and I had gotten a book out of the school library called ‘1,000+ Free Things for Kids’ and I found that if you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Federal Reserve Bank they would send you comic books. I received two in the mail… one was on monetary policy and one was on the central banking system. It was AWESOME!”

This simple action peaked Fred’s interest in economics and banking and led him to his desired area of study at American University and his accomplished career as a Vice-President of OptionsXpress Inc by Charles Schwabb. In his free time he enjoys sword fighting and he is a swashbuckler on the weekends.

For more on Fred, check out: www.fredcadena.com

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  1. Alexander "Sandy" Weissent

    CONGRATS on getting this APS board and program restarted!
    I was a member of the APS founding bd of dir, which started a couple of years after I initiated the Harvard Alumni Club’s “Adopt-a-School” program at Walter Payton Coll Prep. I managed the Payton program for 4+ years, with 200+ volunteers there, from 1990 to 1994. I’d be happy to help the new APS board.
    “Sandy” Weissent

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