Jun 21

Introducing the #100for100…

We have built an amazing advisory board to relaunch Alumni for Public Schools (APS). Each week we will profile two of our 100 advisory board members. This virtual board provides strategic feedback and resources, connects APS with new partner schools and alumni clubs, and most importantly they serve as role models and mentors to make our programs truly have an impact. Together we will exceed our goal of doubling the number of schools we serve by Fall of 2013 (increasing our reach by 100%!).


Michael Segobiano

Michael Segobiano

Michael brings years of experience from high profile private and public service roles to the APS #100for100 advisory board that will help elevate the organization to new levels. Michael joined Deloitte in September of 2011 as a senior manager responsible for serving the firm’s most valued strategic clients.

Most recently, Michael was Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief Marketing Officer for the City of Chicago in the Office of the Mayor.  He designed and led a global strategic marketing initiative that positioned Chicago as a top tier destination for trade, talent and tourism. In January 2006, Mayor Daley appointed Michael to be the City’s Chief Bid Liaison, with responsibilities for coordinating public and private sector collaboration to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to Chicago.

Michael previously served as Director of Marketing in the Mayor’s Office of Special Events and Cultural Affairs, where he helped develop, promote and implement numerous high-profile events.

Prior to joining the City of Chicago, Michael was an executive in the technology industry, managing sales and marketing organizations for such companies as Xerox, Group 1 Software and Productivity Point International. Michael is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.


Phil Chang

Phil Chang

Phil’s firm Carbon is a ‘PR firm for Talent’ where he builds 1-on-1 partnerships with people he believes in. Phil credits his Indiana University education with forming his innovative approach to public relations. The most influential classes he took were Novels I and II. He found that some people believe culture is what people say, what they mean, and what they do. “Literature explores these gaps in a way that case studies and the Associated Press don’t. This is important in PR because, in my opinion, the best work has an element of cultural significance. Interpreting hidden meaning and communicating this to different audiences just seems to come more naturally to people who are already interested in how others do it.”

Phil accredits a memorable moment from high school for shaping his educational philosophy. “Choosing a college is difficult for many high school seniors, so when I was given the chance to go backstage with David Halberstam, a Pulitzer-Prize winner, I put it to him. He told me it didn’t matter too much. In college we learn only 10% of what we’ll figure out thru the course of our lives. So, the important thing is to never stop learning. Everyday, this becomes more and more true.” This is the insight, talent and passion for education that Phil brings to the board. If you would like to start a conversation with Phil at our next happy hour we suggest trying “你好?” He also used to teach fencing to kids. “From time to time, I have to wear an eye-patch. The two are unrelated…”


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