Jun 14

The Future of APS

We are excited to develop the future of Alumni for Public Schools (APS). To build off our past success, we have put together an outstanding summer team:

Christine Nicholson

Project Coordinator | Christine Nicholson

The current President of Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Christine plans to leverage her experience working with this large student-run volunteer organization to lead several projects for APS over the summer.

Christine credits her excellent past experience in public schools with her continued success in higher education.

She is on a mission to help make every student love learning enough to pursue it to a higher degree, and hopefully recruit a few Illini along the way! She just finished her junior year at U of I, majors in Economics and English, and also has a minor in Leadership Studies.

After gradation next year, she plans on working in the business and nonprofit world before applying to law school. Christine is excited to get real-world non-profit management experience in a field she is passionate about, education!


Briana Byrd

Summer Intern | Briana Byrd

An elementary education and journalism major at the University of Iowa, Briana’s most recent experience includes working with Teach for America, and her in-classroom experience will be essential in guiding our first-time volunteers as well as building relationships with teachers.

Briana believes that all children deserve to have excellent educational experiences. Many children never see individuals with college degrees who look like them and she wants to be a role model to these students. Sharing her personal stories showing how important college was for her will motivate the students to attain the same level of success for themselves.

After completing her student teaching experience this fall at South Loop Elementary in the second grade, she will be graduating with both degrees in December. She wants to stay within CPS, helping to close the achievement gap and providing students with the best education possible.



  1. John Fish

    I was chairman of APS a number of years ago. I am excited that it has been revived. I would like to talk with someone from the new APS. Give me a number to call or call me. Thanks John Fish

  2. John Fish

    Thanks for reviving APS. I would like to contact Christine or Briana. John

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