What exactly are the time commitments for advisory board members?

  • How many meetings are there per month?
           There are zero ‘monthly’ meetings, just one optional happy hour a month where we will have informal discussions and maybe a guest speaker or two.  This board is designed to develop creative ideas and generate diverse feedback for the APS program, not sitting in unproductive meetings.
  • The board is only 100 people, so are just the first 100 chosen?
          Yes, we want people that can take action.  This board will be filled with busy and successful young professionals. The board will be respectful of each other’s time and input. We want people that will commit today to help make an impact.
  • How many events are we required to attend per month?
           This will depend on the partnership or school you choose to work with, or what committee you are on. Not everyone will choose to be hands-on in this way so the answer is really zero.  It is what you develop.  Most schools do about six events each school year, taking the summer and holiday months off. Most events are a couple of hours.
  • Are you sure their are no meetings?
           We’ll probably have an annual meeting once a school year where we can celebrate our achievements, this will be something fun and inspirational that you’ll want to attend.
  • This seems too easy, is there anything else?
           Yes, We will have optional committees that will be formed to work on things like branding, marketing, fundraising, technology and PR. You may choose to lead a team, or participate in a discussion. Our vision is to have these teams develop ideas in small groups and then their work presented for feedback.
  • So it seems like there is zero time commitment… but I can be as active as I’d like?

Exactly. We’ll keep you in the loop on everything we need feedback on, you choose how to participate.