Aug 03

The Alumni Challenge: benefiting APS!

A BIG crawl through River North.

Save the date, on August 25 River North overflows with school spirt as the ChicagoTEN hosts their annual “Alumni Challenge.” In its third year, the challenge was created as a way for fans and alumni of all the BigTen schools to come together to celebrate their rivalries and give back to the community.

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Alumni Challenge

The ChicagoTEN Alumni Challenge is 8/25


Lora Knapp

Lora Knapp

Lora has a commitment to ensuring that all children receive an excellent education. Her decision to join the #100for100 advisory board is another way she has chosen to demonstrate this pledge. Lora very recently moved back to Houston, TX to get back into the classroom at YES Prep North Central. In charge of College Initiatives as a Sophomore Seminar Teacher, she previously was a recruiting manager at Teach For America. When asked to describe a memorable moment in her education, Lora talked about a high school AP History teacher who showed her the powerful connection between reading and taking action. “Mrs. Cline… brought the ancient world of Egypt to light and created and sparked an obsession for travelling so I could see, touch, and smell the places I read about in my text books.” Lora said that it was having a multitude of resources, great teachers, and opportunities to receive a higher education that influenced her decision to join a movement to end educational inequity in this country. “Today I advocate for children growing up in low income communities who do not receive the same great educational opportunities that I was afforded,” Lora said. “In our country, the zip code you live in dictates the quality of your education and therefore, your life opportunities.” Lora graduated from DePaul University with her Bachelors in Psychology. “I deeply believe that every child, no matter their family’s income level or the color of their skin, should have the same opportunities that I did,” she said.


Amanda Rivera

Amanda Rivera

One of the most memorable experiences in Amanda’s education occurred in the eighth grade as she opened her acceptance letter to Walter Payton College Preparatory High School, the #1 High school in Chicago at the time. Now this former CPS student is a graduate from Illinois State University, where she received her Bachelors of Applied Science in Mass Media-Radio Sequence. For Amanda, it was having a teacher wholeheartedly believe in her that had the most influence on her current career. “She told me that I would be successful no matter what, as long as I put as much effort into my career as I did in the classroom,” she said. We are excited to welcome Amanda and her unique experience in Chicago Public Schools to the #100for100. Amanda is currently a host/blogger for Billy Dec’s Blog, produced by Rockit Ranch Productions. Amanda also has her own blog. Check it out at http://achicagothing.com




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